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Elendril Direct Damage Deck - Thursday, November 09, 2006

Want a deck that can do massive direct damage on the seventh turn? How about enough damage to kill your opponent's hero? Well then I have a deck for you.

Ryan at UDE recently posted an article discussing the uses of [[Rapid Fire]]. He had some great ideas and I decided to build a deck around it. I've been able to win most of my recent games using this deck. [[Elendril]]'s flip ability along with [[Rapid Fire]] and [[Galway Steamwhistle]] make up the core combo of the deck. Here's the card list:
Abilities (16)
4x [[Aspect of the Hawk]]
4x [[Multi-Shot]]
4x [[Rapid Fire]]
4x [[Arcane Shot]]

Allies (14)
4x [[Moira Darkheart]]
4x [[Bloodclaw]]
4x [[Galway Steamwhistle]]
2x [[Ryn Dreamstrider]]

Equipment (18)
2x [[Deathdealer Breastplate]]
4x [[Edgemaster's Handguards]]
4x [[Ancient Bone Bow]]
2x [[Devilsaur Leggings]]
4x [[Herod's Shoulder]]
2x [[Eye of Rend]]

Quests (12)
4x [[Zapped Giants]]
4x [[Big Game Hunter]]
4x [[Sunken Treasure]]
Core Combo
The core combo of the deck is flipping [[Elendril]] and attacking the opposing hero with multiple strikes of his bow. In the past three games I've played with this deck I've launched 16, 20, and 15 damage attacks. How can you get an attack that large? When [[Elendril]] flips, he adds +3 ATK to his bow, giving it an ATK of 5. Other cards, such as [[Eye of Rend]] and [[Deathdealer Breastplate]] can increase the damage to 6 or 7 per strike. For each [[Galway Steamwhistle]] or use of [[Rapid Fire]], you get an extra strike beyond the first one. The [[Edgemaster's Handguards]] makes your bow's strike cost cheaper, so you can potentially strike more. With just three strikes, you'll be dealing at least 15 damage in one attack to your opponent!

Pumping up the Attack
Certain cards can make this combo even more effective. Some cards, such as the [[Eye of Rend]], [[Deathdealer Breastplate]], and [[Elendril]]'s flip ability, have a multiplicative bonus to the combo. Because they add damage to each weapon strike, dealing three strikes gives you three times the benefit. However certain other cards, such as [[Aspect of the Hawk]], only apply their bonus once per attack, even if you strike multiple times. Luckily [[Aspect of the Hawk]] will also pump up your [[Multi-Shot]].

Getting the Bow
As you might have noticed, this deck relies on drawing one important card -- [[Ancient Bone Bow]]. Luckily there are several cards to help ensure that you always have access to your trusty bow. Drawing [[Herod's Shoulder]] is almost as good as drawing the bow. [[Big Game Hunter]] will help you draw either the bow or a [[Herod's Shoulder]] so that you can later draw the bow. When your opponent destroys your precious bow, it's nice to have a [[Sunken Treasure]] ready to quickly get it back.

Have any comments or suggestions for the deck? You can leave them in the comments section below. Should I remove [[Ryn Dreamstrider]]? Should I add a [[Dwarven Hand Cannon]] or two? What do you think?


Blogger Tierrie said...

I think you are too reliant on hunter damage. While Deathdealer BP seems like a good choice at first for its +2ATK, the cost of 5 to a 1D item is overcosted.

Without allies (protectors) or with elusive allies your hero is going to be attacked *a lot*. If you don't want your hero to be a sitting duck, then you should consider the Krol Blade as a defensive striking weapon. With the Edgemaster's Handguards (which is key for multistriking) the Krol can strike for 0.

Since Hunters get extremely cheap undercosted pets with high power to toughness ratio. You can keep pumping these pets out to throw them at the protectors in your opponent.

Then use either Chasing A-Me or Battle of Darrowshire to gain card advantage.

In my deck I trimmed down the equipment a bit and went with elusive allies like Apprentice Teep, Sha'lin Nightwind, Latro Abiectus while I use my Long Range to strike at opponent's allies instead.

Be careful about overcomitting when playing Mages, a single Frost Nova can lock Elendril down (and wipe your party).

I would go with 3 Bone Bow, 3 Krol Blade, 2-3 Herods, 2-3 Devilsaur, 2-3 Edgemasters. Herods, Devilsaur and Edgemasters will all stack as will Krol and Bone Bow, so there is no redundancy in the deck.

Plus you can go with a lower number of weapons because Herods effectively allows you to tutor for the weapons.

Also I think 12 quest is a bit low, since you want to go to a at least 6 or more resource to start the combo.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous drew said...

Tierrie, thanks for the great advice! Yesterday I got beat up fairly badly by a horde ally rush deck. Adding [[Krol Blade]] might be just what I need to strike back against attacking allies.

You're probably right that the [[Deathdealer Breastplate]] is a bit overcosted, especially for my deck.

Once I get home I'll take a look at what pets and protector allies I can add in. Crazy I might be a good fit.

5:52 PM  

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