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Article in the latest InQuest Gamer - Friday, July 07, 2006

The most recent issue, #136, of InQuest Gamer has a five page article on the card game. It reveals quite a few new bits of info on the game. I'm amazed by the amount of content and playstyle that will be taken from the online game. The card game will include talent specs, aggro, party members, quests, races, classes, pets, and of course phat lewtz in the form of gear.

There's one thing that they're leaving out of the card game, and I'm glad: grinding. All the characters will be at "level 60" to start with. With the exception of raid bosses, there will be few if any regular mobs. It looks like the game will be focused on PvP and raiding. However, don't worry -- raiding won't require you to group with 39 of your closest friends. Raiding will be three or four players fighting against a raid master that's controlling a raid boss.


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