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Fields of Honor expansion released! - Saturday, July 25, 2009

illustration for fields of honor - step into the battleground
The latest expansion set has been released -- you should click here to order the new Fields of Honor cards direct from Upper Deck!

Fields of Honor is the ninth set in the World of Warcraft trading card game. All-new content focuses on the popular batlegrounds, including a new honor theme, honor-based locations, and the introductino of Death Knight weapons and armor in a booster release.

Here's the description:
For what reason does a hero fight? Many battle for their pride, and even quest for greed. Some seek revenge for the past, while others strive for a brighter future, either to take, to defend, or merely to survive in.

A hero fights for many reasons, but one reason encompases them all: having somethign to live for, or even die for. You must discover your own reasons for yourself, on the war-torn fields of honor.

Book full of Art from the Game - Sunday, July 13, 2008

wow tcg artwork book
Blizzard has released an official art book full of awesome artwork used in the card game. You can read more about the book at Amazon and see some great artwork that's included.

Looking for a Guild? Selling an Epic? - Thursday, January 17, 2008

We've just launched a new website --

Our goal with Warcraft List is to provide a place for World of Warcraft players to find each other and fulfill each other’s needs. The site is a virtual-world version of the classifieds sections of real-world newspapers and real-world sites such as Sometimes reposting your latest Epic BOE drop on the auction house until it sells isn’t the best idea — all those auction house deposits add up.   Although the official Warcraft forums provide a great place to troll meet other players, posts looking for specific items tend to get lost in all the noise. WarcraftList will provide a structured way to help you find what you need and let you tell everyone else about what you have to offer.

We have also started a blog on warcraftlist. Should we add a trading card game section to the site? Should it be categorized by physical region to make trading cards and meeting other players easier?

25% off World of Warcraft Products - today only - Monday, December 10, 2007

For today only (Monday the 10th of December) the official Upper Deck store is giving 25% off almost all Warcraft card game stuff! March of the Legion and Feast of the Winter Veil are excluded. You will see the discount once you add the items to your shopping cart. Click here or on the image below to go to the store and get the discount:
25 percent off coupon for ude store

Ogres, Ogres, Everywhere! - Saturday, September 08, 2007

The uber-guild Nihilum decided to have a little fun and do a raid entirely turned in to Ogres:
nihilum raiding archimonde with ogre trinkets
If you also want to turn in to an ogre, you can follow these steps:
  1. Save up 25,000 UDE points. Every pack of WoW TCG cards comes with a UDE points card. Alternatively, you can buy all 25,000 points you need here, or even buy smaller amounts of points here.
  2. Spend the points on the UDE website.
  3. Enter the code from UDE on the Warcraft website.
  4. Travel to Booty Bay in STV and visit Landro Longshot to finally pick up your trinket that will turn you in to an ogre!

Molten Core Raid Deck - Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Molten Core raid deck is now available! With the deck your raid can battle all the Molten Core bosses, from Lucifron straight on through Ragnaros. The raid setup is a bit complicated. It involves runes, a minion deck, and multiple bosses. However many of the interesting and fun abilities that we saw raiding MC online are present in the raid deck. For example, Gehennas alternates between shadow bolts and AOE fire attacks.

Some of the treasure pack loot looks incredible, such as the Hand of Rag and Benediction. Having raided MC online with a priest, getting the Eye of Divinity from Domo and eventually Benediction was one of my proudest WoW moments. The staff not only had great stats, but was also a status symbol among raiding priests. The card game Bene certainly doesn't disappoint. Once it's in play it provides a nearly unlimited supply of cards for your hand. Another great Molten Core treasure card is the Hand of Rag. For each attack the Hand of Rag will deal 14 damage. Yes, that's right -- a whopping 14 damage. Even late in the game, this weapon will spell game over for your opponent.

hand of ragnarosstaff of benediction

The Molten Core raid deck is available for purchase from the official Upper Deck store for $29.99 or from ToyWiz for only $23.99.

By fire be purged!

Sponsored Post: Review of mmobux - Wednesday, May 02, 2007

mmobux logommobux is a MMORPG currency research site that launched its beta just two weeks ago. The site helps its users find information on buying and selling virtual world currency, such as WoW gold. The site provides three main features:
  • The ability to quickly list real-money prices for buying in-game gold for World of Warcraft, including both US and EU servers. The price list is easy to use and intuitive. It looks like in the future they'll expand to include games other than just WoW. However, the prices in their database appear to be a bit outdated. The first gold price I checked (Drenden-US) lists IGE selling 5k gold for $739.85, and Team-VIP selling 5k gold for $704.20, however they're actually selling 5k gold for around $400 and $300 respectively. While some price discrepancies are expected, the price mmobux lists is nearly double the actual current price for those two sites.
  • A reputation and feedback system for the gold-selling companies. This is a great idea, as there are definitely some less-than-trustworthy gold sellers on the Internet. Their list is very comprehensive -- it includes every gold-seller I've ever heard of, and plenty that I've never heard of until now. However a problem with their reputation system is that anyone can leave feedback for any company. There is no verification that a purchase, or attempted purchase, of currency actually took place. Other feedback systems, such as eBay, require that a purchase actually take place before leaving feedback.
  • A forum to discuss all things related to buying virtual currency.
Overall their site is nicely laid out, very quick, and for being only two weeks old looks great!

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